The Best ECU For The Yamaha YFZ450R: The Vortex X10 ECU

Vortex ECU Yamaha YFZ450R
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The Best ECU For The Yamaha YFZ450R: The Vortex X10 ECU

The Vortex ECU For The Yamaha YFZ450R is a CDI and EFI controller combined into one module that takes catre of spark timing, voltage output, fuel mapping and other engine management functions. The result is race level performance from your fuel-injected four-stroke ATV including; more reliable power, no lag or bogging, and faster lap times on the track.

The Vortex Ignitions is a pre-programmed ECU with 10 performance fuel, timing and ignition maps plus 3 additional fuel trimming switches, allowing you to customize your ATV’s power delivery to match your riding style, skill level and track conditions. The fuel trim switches enable you to adjust fuel mapping by +12.5% to -10% in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle bands.

The Vortex X10 ECU replaces the Yamaha YFZ450R stock ECU and it's easily installed by plugging it directly into the YFZ450R ECU wiring harness. Once installed, performance and mapping adjustments only require the turn of a screwdriver. The unit also interfaces with your ATV’s engine sensors to adjust fuel and spark timing for the optimum amount of power delivery regardless of weather, altitude and load conditions. You will find that your ATV’s power gains are typically felt in high-rpm power and bottom-end throttle response resulting in ideal rideable power.

The Vortex ECU is factory pre-programmed by Vortex Ignitions engineers specifically for the YFZ450R with their extensive dyno and track testing knowledge and the help of their network of race teams worldwide! So if you are looking for a turn-key solution, all the the guesswork is taken care of; just install, choose a setting from included instructions that matches your mods and you are ready to ride. If want more extensive control over settings and parameters, such as Rev Limits, Throttle Enrichment, Decay time, Fuel timing, High Resolution Mapping, Dwell Time and more; the Vortex ECU is also fully programmable by purchasing software at an additional cost. In addition there is real time logging & graphing of many parameters (when combined with the ECU Software - not included).

In recent tests, it was evident that by adding the Vortex Ignition X10 ECU to the YFZ450R it felt like a completely different Quad. Seconds were shaved off track times and it performed at levels closer to a race-ready quad. But if you are looking to gain 8-10 horsepower we highly suggest doing the Big 3 Power Kit Combo!

We're proud of being one of the largest Vortex Dealers and Distributors, not only in the USA but also in South America. We have the units in stock ready to ship and we offer Free Shipping Nationwide!

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