Tree Bars

UTV Tree Bars

How Well Are You Protecting Your ATV?

The tree bars fit in the space between the front and back wheel. It has a type of isosceles triangular shape to it. They are bought in pairs, on for each side of the UTV. They are made from steel tubing that can be colored any kind of way. Most manufacturers offer a very wide assortment of colors as factory color choices. If the color choice cannot be made when ordering, then it’s just a simple call and the custom color can be discussed. The default color for many manufacturers is a shade of black, most like a matte black or mirror black.

Purpose of Tree Bars

Looking at a tree bar for the first time, the instant thought about what its purpose is for is as a step for easy UTV access; and that would be correct. But easy access is just a bonus use on top of its more serious and necessary purpose. The back part of the tree bar is angled out further than the front to prevent any damage that may be caused to the rear drive and suspension parts. The wider angle near the rear takes all the abuse that rocks, branches, and other rough terrain objects can cause. Having the tree bars on both sides allows the vehicle to get bounced around a little with the comfort of knowing that the rear wheels and their suspension systems are well protected by a piece of steel that was precisely designed for that very purpose. And the way they’re designed allows for a fast and easy installation. And if looking for tree bars to add to your UTV, they are sometimes known as Nerf Bars. And serious racers know that “rubbing” is a part of racing, and tree bars are necessary.

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