ECU & Fuel Controllers

ATV ECU & Fuel Control

How well do you know your ATV’s fuel needs?

Delivering the right amount of fuel to your ATV is crucial for excellent performance. Combined with other engine performance upgrades, the use of fuel controllers can help unlock your ATV’s potential. As with carburetor tuning kits, an ATV fuel controller helps measure out the precise amount of fuel your ride needs to perform at peak power and efficiency.

ATV fuel controllers are designed to be simple, yet effective at producing high-quality performance gains. These controllers easily plug into your machine’s existing wiring harness, making this a remarkable plug-and-play solution for enhancing its performance.

What can you gain from aftermarket ECUs and fuel controllers?

One of the great things about having an ATV fuel controller is the amount of control it puts in the palm of your hand. You can easily adjust fuel delivery according to presets or custom-designed points plus a variety of other important functions with just the push of a button. Being able to adjust fuel/air ratios on the fly gives you an astonishing performance advantage under a variety of conditions.

In addition, you can also take advantage of the data logging capabilities built into most ATV fuel controllers. You can even monitor aspects of the fuel injection system such as injector pulse duration with the help of external display lights on the controller itself.

If you need to return your ATV back to its stock performance, there are several provisions that help reset the electronic fuel injection system and bring it back to fresh-from-the-factory settings. Adding an ATV fuel controller to your ride is one of the best performance investments you can make.

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