ATV Linkage

The Ingredient For a Smoother, More Controllable Ride

A linkage is a suspension part designed to improve an ATV’s stability and sense of weight balance from front to rear while maintaining its ability to corner properly. As an ATV heads into a corner, the weight of the vehicle itself as well as the rider shifts to the side, potentially causing the ATV to lean; the suspension linkage ensures that not only does the ATV balance accordingly, but that the rider feels comfortable for the entirety of their ride.

Most linkages are compatible with stock and a vast majority of aftermarket swingarms. All linkages are designed for optimal balance and therefore are made from aeronautical grade aluminum. A lot of time goes into making them lightweight, but very strong so that they can endure all tasks put to them. Their first-look appearance is usually done in long-lasting, attractive finishes.

Linkage Benefits: Precision Turns, Smoother Action

As mentioned before, they add a greater sense of balance and stability. They also improve many other factors such as a more precise turning and control. The superior needle bearings, of some models, improve the life of the vehicle and provide a smoother action. Along with providing a smoother ride, they increase the distance of wheel travel and optimize the geometry of the rear suspension. The traction and handling gets a boost, it allows adjustments to the rear suspension, and provides more of a linear-rate suspension.

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