ATV Lighting

Don't Let the Night Slow You Down

There is nothing more fun than taking a trail at night. Yet drivers cannot rely on a flashlight when they are moving that fast. Even if the rider knows the trail, it can be dangerous without light to spot unexpected obstacles. Another safety factor is visibility to others. Headlights on an ATV will ensure that cars and other vehicles see the ATV before an accident can occur. Even if the ATV driver doesn't want to ride at night, headlights can really come in handy at dusk when the light is waning. Just imagine the advantages when ATVs take to the road to reach home or a campsite. Furthermore, some states, such as Oregon, require headlamps on ATVs at night. So it is not just a practical matter. It may also be a legal one. Fortunately, this is an easy fix. ATV owners can get aftermarket kits. Once the headlights are mounted and installed, the light will bolster the freedom that an ATV enthusiast feels when taking to the open trail.

Safety Lights by Brands Like Baja Designs

Safety lights can make the difference between an unnecessary collision and a terrific group ride. Aftermarket kits make these easy to mount and install. These bright LED lights are highly visible to other riders and, perhaps just as importantly, car drivers. Tail lights ensure that other ATVS and larger vehicles are aware that the ATV is on the trail or road with them. Turn signals warn other riders that you are about to change direction. Brake lights signal your intentions to any riders that are on your tail.

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