Knee Braces

Knee Braces

Staying Protected While Riding

The speeds, horsepower, and heights found in today’s motocross events make the sport quite dangerous. This is not breaking news to riders. They know it’s not a matter of if a rider will crash, it’s when they will crash. Accidents happen regardless of a rider’s skills and abilities. Often they are caused by things that are out of their control such as a large gust of wind.

If a sport requires a helmet, there’s a good chance that other body parts will also need protection. The risk of leg and knee injuries requires riders to have proper knee braces on at all times. Not only can a knee injury cause serious damage, it could be the end of a promising career. The right knee brace will protect dirt bike riders from injury in the event of an accident.

What Can a Knee Brace Do?

Knee braces offer protection to prevent the ligaments of the knee from tearing and to prevent damage to the meniscus discs. These injuries can keep a rider off their bike forever. Braces should be bought from well-respected brands, like Asterisk, that can provide comfort and protection. One should choose wisely when looking for a knee brace. It has to fit correctly in order to completely protect the knee joint. It is important to be measured properly for fit and comfort. Any rider who has already suffered a knee injury knows the importance of this piece of equipment.

Racing Powersports offers Asterisk Cell adult knee braces with undersleeves and tethers in three different sizing categories: small, medium and large. Find the pair that's right for you and order with us today to become a safer rider.

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