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No matter what kind of extreme sport you participate in, protecting your neck and spine is one of the most important parts of safety.

Although older veterans of BMX racing may scoff at the new use of the neck brace, it has already been a part of motocross for many years. Its status as a growing trend in other areas of racing suggests that it is becoming an increasingly important part of sports.

For a new generation of riders, wearing a neck brace on their bike is like wearing a seatbelt in the car; it is an obvious decision because it is designed to protect both your place in the sport and your life. This allows people to enjoy the sport they love, while still remaining as safe as possible when taking on the thrills.

Neck Braces Are a Natural Extension of the Helmet

Helmets have been a huge part of motocross and bike culture for years. For top athletes who work hard to perform dangerous stunts, it is one of the few ways that they can protect themselves in training and in competition.

Neck braces are now being seen as a natural extension of the helmet. As research points to the fact that there are fewer and fewer spinal cord injuries as the popularity of the neck brace grows, riders can expect to be seeing the braces more often. Check out our selection of Atlas neck braces for racers.

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