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ATV Exhaust System

Let Your Engine Breathe

Speed wins races. Yes, it takes skill and ability and being able to maneuver and stop quick. But when the checkered flag drops, if you aren’t out front, you’ve lost. Getting up front takes horsepower and torque, and most stock exhaust systems don’t come close in that arena. A strong running ATV engine revs high and needs the measured amount of backpressure that an aftermarket exhaust system, like the FMF, Rossier and Sparks exhaust featured at Racing PowerSports, can supply.

How Well is Your ATV’s Airflow Regulated?

Racers know the two primary ingredients to speed is increasing the airflow through the intake system, and regulating back-pressure through the exhaust. Full-built racing engines need to breathe to run strong. A properly tuned system utilizes every horsepower available.

Simply removing baffles and letting exhaust gases run free actually hurts performance. Dialing in an exhaust system finds the power band of your engine. The added torque gained from a well-built exhaust means more power to your drive wheels and better hooking up on the track. Having every system running in sync gives the best performance from your racing machine.

Along with regulating proper back-pressure, performance aftermarket exhaust systems aid in transferring and removing engine heat. The hotter an engine runs, the more energy is required to operate. Keeping the heads and chambers cool increases horsepower. Ceramic-coated and stainless exhaust systems transfer heat away from the engine.

Simply having the horsepower potential in your atv engine isn’t enough on the track. Let RacingPowerSports put that power to the track and bring home the wins.

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