Rear Shocks

Rear Shocks for Street Bikes

Our High-Quality Selection Might Shock You!

Pardon the pun, but we're proud of the street bike rear shocks that we offer from Elka. Take a look and you will understand our pride. Whether you ride an import or a domestic, we have your next set of rear shocks. If you like a cushy ride, your shocks are in our selection, and the same is true if you prefer to feel the road a little more than most riders. What will you find in our selection? You will find quality, aftermarket rear shocks. Our buyers know which products riders want because they also ride. They use their knowledge to fill our selection with an array of Elka street bike rear shocks that will improve any street bike.

Our Selection of Shocks Rocks!

We stand behind the quality of every set of shocks we sell. If you order new rear shocks today, you can expect your shipment within a reasonable period of time. We will handle your shipment with care and diligence. Riders love our customer service, and with your new rear shocks installed, your love of the open road will soon be reborn!
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