Rear Shocks

ATV Rear Shocks

Optimal ATV Suspension with Absorbers by Fox and Elka

When you take your ATV off road, you'll tackle countless bumps, slopes, ruts, and obstacles. You may even find yourself suspended in the air. In order to absorb the impact from adventurous riding, your ATV needs hardworking rear shocks. Over time, these absorbers undergo serious wear and tear, especially if you’re a competitive rider. Don’t let weary rear shocks risk damage to other parts of your ATV. 

Consider an Aftermarket  Rear Shock Upgrade for Your vehicle

Do you experience some instability when you hit your ATV’s brakes? Are your tires wearing unevenly? How is your steering? It may be time to inspect your ATV’s suspension and decide if your vehicle’s conditional replace the shocks on your ATV. Custom-build shocks with responsive compression for the rider’s riding style and weight.

ATV rear shocks are manufactured and designed to resist compression of the suspension and greatly reduce or eliminate bounce while riding. The spring coiled around the outside of the shock pushes the shock suspension back into it's original position after it's been compressed by the weight of the ATV. Fluid braking, healthy tires, well-adjusted steering and firm yet smooth ride are only a few of the changes you’ll notice after upgrading your vehicle with custom shocks from Fox and Elka.  

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