Diagnostic & Programming Cables for Your Car

Do-It-Yourself Diagnostics

Diagnostic cables are used to record data from your engine, allowing you to analyze it on your computer. Having the power to sort through and analyze this data is valuable to car enthusiasts. With a set of diagnostic cables, you can pull data from your car to analyze on your personal computer. Having your own diagnostic cables allows you to see what is going with your car without going through the time consuming process of heading to your local dealership or auto parts store to have them read the codes. At Racing Powersports, we have diagnostic and programming cables for several different models of car, truck and SUV.

Connecting Your Car & Your Computer

Once you have the correct diagnostic cables, you will be ready to gather and read data on your personal computer. You will need a laptop with a USB or serial port, depending on the type of ends that your diagnostic cable has. Check your laptop before buying the diagnostic cables, so you are sure they are compatible. Finally, you will need to download and install software to read the information collected from the cables. There are several software programs that allow you to download and try them for free before committing to a purchase. All provide good information, the differences are typically in how each program presents its data.
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