Bearing Carriers

ATV Bearing Carriers

Withstand Impact and Keep In Control

An ATV is made to withstand the toughest of terrains, and in order to do so they need the best parts. Designed to allow easy motion between two or more parts, bearings play an important role in how well an ATV can handle the non-stop impact of tough terrain while also keeping the vehicle easy for its rider to control. Usually pre-lubricated with grease, bearings can handle very low temperatures and almost any kind of impact put on them. There are many different kinds of bearings, all of which work together with other parts to give an ATV all the power it can produce.

Crankshaft Bearings

Designed to give an engine maximum performance, crankshaft bearings provide a smooth ride whether on or off-road. Always replaced when an engine is rebuilt, these bearings can wear out somewhat quickly depending upon how much the ATV is used and under what conditions it's put through. Since they are considered wear parts, these bearings should be checked on a regular basis to maintain a high level of performance.

Shock Bearings

For anyone who has ridden an ATV, they know a good shock absorption system can make all the difference between a comfortable ride and one that feels like it will never end. Shock bearings are an important part of that system, and if not properly maintained can cause havoc with the vehicle's suspension system. If this is not done, the bearing will be unable to keep out dirt and water, thus creating friction and destroying the bearing.

Differential Bearings

Also important for engine performance, they provide the endurance engines need when being driven over the hardest hills or through the toughest mud bogs. Made to be an exact fit for any engine, these bearings are a must for an engine's long life and performance.

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