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UTV Suspension

Suspension Package for Performance Handling

Installing well-manufactured, high-quality upgrades to the suspension system of your UTV is one of the most important things you can do to ensure optimal weight transfer and maximum utility. We have the shock absorbers and linkages to add ease and precision to the management of your vehicle.

A good suspension system balances the weight transfer for comfort and exceptional performance. If your UTV can't navigate rough terrain, and you can't operate your vehicle with confidence in your maneuvers, it can lead to damage, collisions and unnecessary degradation to other parts of your vehicle. It can also cause power loss and reduced fuel efficiency.

Effective Adjustment that Responds to Terrain

You need to be sure your suspension parts are maintained, well-protected and serviced as often as necessary. Look for the best combination of price and materials, and be absolutely sure you will find manufacturers who are mechanical and design experts specializing in the kinds of terrain you want to explore.

Your suspension keeps your UTV's tires in contact with the road. While everyone has dreams of being airborne and doing all manner of stunts, the truth is the safest and most enjoyable way to get from here to there is maximum tire contact with the ground. If the road is pushing at your vehicle, you need to make sure your vehicle is pushing back.

Suspension can be difficult to get right, but the selection at RacingPowerSports will not leave you wandering. You can even call us and let us help you make a decision. There are many considerations including vehicle weight, balance, average speeds and even weather, temperature and humidity. You can trust us to make sure your UTV is properly equipped for the best ride.

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