Test Pipes

Test Pipes

Deciding When Test Pipes Are Necessary

A catalytic converter can convert some of a car's toxic exhaust into a gas that is harmless. A test pipe, or cat delete pipe, is usually stainless steel, and can be used as an alternative or replacement for an OEM catalytic converter. Their thick flanges allow for an increase in exhaust to flow out of the tailpipe. Using a test pipe is necessary in certain situations and can benefit the rider. The honeycomb of catalytic converters places a restriction on exhaust flow. This, combined with the way that factories set up the converters in a cramped amount of space, can restrict horsepower. Test pipes, also known as straight pipes, fix this problem by opening up the exhaust flow. Restricted flow can have negative effects on performance and fuel economy, depending on the car. Using test pipes is an easy way of releasing that backed-up horsepower and is also relatively cost-effective.

More Benefits of Using Test Pipes

Power is not the only benefit of using cat delete pipes. For those who are not sold on completely removing the converters, test pipes can be used to check on a clogged or problematic converter. If there seems to be an issue, remove the catalytic converter and install the test pipe as its replacement. If the car is significantly better to drive with the test pipe, the converter may be clogged and is creating held-back pressure. By comparing how the engine runs before and after, you can narrow down the issue and possibly replace it, making the test pipes largely useful for you.
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