Rear Shocks

UTV Rear Shocks From Elka and Fox

Want an Instant Increase in Suspension Performance?

To push the envelope, you have to upgrade your shocks. We don't carry replacements; we carry full improvements and upgrades to your system. The installment of new shocks will improve performance and increase suspension instantaneously. If you are the type of rider who loves high speeds and gnarly terrain, then Elka and Fox brand UTV rear shocks will make a huge difference.

What specific applications improve with the installment of UTV rear shocks? Installment will maximize performance in:

  • Aggressive Riding: Get as much fun out of your UTV as possible. Aggressive riding requires suspension that can handle the heat.

  • Extra Weight: UTVs can handle a lot of weight. Whether a rider has a four-seater or many mods weighing the machine down, upgraded shocks give assurance that your machine will thrive with extra weight.

  • Racing: When it comes to racing, it is all about speed. Newer and better shocks absorb the impact so that you can ride without the slightest delay.

UTV Parts by Trusted Brands like Elka and Fox

We have gone all out to provide our customers with the latest advances in the UTV market. Our experienced expertise ensures that your machine performs at the pinnacles of high performance. We take our passion to the extreme and do not believe in doing anything halfway.

The high-quality performance suspension plays a primary role in the control of your machine, and it massively improves the overall quality and stability of your riding. No matter what terrain you face, you need the best parts to handle it. Our company goes all out to provide the highest quality, function and appearance for your machine. We believe in supplying our customers with the best that money can afford. Many UTV rear shock manufacturers have embraced the side-by-side competition that leads to the highest progress and standards the industry. Our UTV rear shocks have been built with a durable quality.

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