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ATV Shock Kits

Premium Suspension Elka Shocks Packaged for Your Off-Road Success

We know you’re ready to put your ATV to work or play, but you also need to be ready to take care of it.  These workhorses are designed for reliability in rough terrain, but sometimes even the toughest ATV needs a little extra attention and support. These supercharged aftermarket ATV shock kits from Elka will add the desired suspension for a smooth ride or race. Purchasing these replacement parts from a reputable and experienced merchant is vital to the proper operation of any ATV, especially one that will be used for racing purposes. You can trust that Racing Powersports selection of front and rear shock combinations will put you ahead of the game.

A Powerful Ride Under Full Control

ATV shock kits are among the most popular upgrade options amongst forward-thinking drivers . Full shock kits include both front and rear Elka shocks that can handle even the densest wilderness conditions are available and can be ordered by the make and model of the ATV or the manufacturer of the shocks. Other than a smooth ride, the shock kits provide additional support throughout all wheels and help balance the weight and leverage an ATV. State of the art ATV shock kits absorb potentially harmful or dangerous pressure from rough hills and rocky terrain.

Driver and vehicle safety are of the utmost importance and should be considered before embarking on any adventure. When replacing any parts or adding aftermarket features, drivers should only use compatible parts that respond to compression effectively. When properly installed and maintained, ATV shock kits will ensure that a vehicle is equipped to handle impact on a variety of landscapes at moderate to high speeds without harm to your ride.

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