Nerf Bars

ATV Nerf Bars 

Performance Endurance for Landing on Any Terrain

ATV enthusiasts appreciate benefits from aftermarket nerf bars and are often proponents of the bars being standard on all machines. While manufacturers are not receptive to deeming nerf bars as necessary equipment, a diverse collection of aftermarket quad nerf bars afford riders the ability to select the design befitting their preferences.

While not every race circuit requires nerf bar usage, responsible racers recognize the safety benefits and would not dream of being lined up behind the gate without them. ATV nerf bars protect feet from slipping off the pegs and being enveloped by back tires. Such protection is especially important in the event of hard jump landings, rollovers and collisions with fellow racers. Tires will not tangle when two quads make contact if one or both racers have nerf bars installed. Racers attest to the fact that quad nerf bars lend to gains confidence in attempting more challenging obstacles due to the high level of added security.

Nerf Bars for ATV Trail Riding Safety

Recreational trail riders appreciate the same benefits as their racing counterparts, but also appreciate the added convenience of ATV nerf bars. Muddy trails often result in a machine becoming stuck, and at times these immersions in the mud require the ATV to be pulled sideways. Nerf bars give riders a sturdy place to grab and pull their ATV from the mud or back on all fours in the event of a rollover. Given trails are often less wide than race tracks, nerf bars offer protection when sliding around trees in tight areas. Trails are often littered with debris such as rocks and branches, and nerf bars protect riders from anything front tires kick up.

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