Foot Pegs

ATV Foot Pegs

Aggressive Designs with Rider in Mind

Forget the restrictive design of stock pegs that offer limited support and slip-resistance. The all-terrain vehicle pegs featured here are created with aggressive riding in mind. Material used in the construction is of a tough billet design that can stand-up to almost anything a rider or the terrain can throw at it. From racing to weekend riding, there’s an ATV peg right for any situation.

All of our ATV pegs are specifically designed with the comfort and utility of the rider in mind. If you’re tired of constantly slipping off the peg, or an unusual or uncomfortable placement, we have a solution for you. Do you frequently carry a passenger? Are you unsatisfied with the length of a stock peg? We carry everything from high-quality passenger peg kits to extensions that fit almost any application.

Versatile Installation and Design That Fits Nearly Any ATV

The variety of ATV pegs available makes it easy to find one that fits your ride while adding that extra little something. Kits come ready to install and are simply adjusted to attach to nearly any ATV. The billet aluminum or polyethylene material allows for design elements that look cool and function perfectly. Find the right aesthetic look to make your ATV stand-out from the pack while providing a stable platform that allows for more control, amazing durability and non-slip teeth guaranteed to keep your feet where they’re supposed to be no matter where you go with your ATV.

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