O2 Simulators

O2 Simulators

Improve Your Vehicle's Performance

In racing the name of the game is performance. The better the engine runs, the better performance a car will have.The catalytic converter sits in the way of the exhaust, and can decrease engine performance. It is monitored through the use of an OBDII system which is now installed by manufacturers. On Board Diagnostic Systems (OBDII) have been installed in vehicles manufactured since January 1996, including cars and light trucks. The function of the OBDII system is to monitor the exhaust for carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants. If the catalytic converter is removed, this count will go up and it will be reported to the OBDII through its sensors, which will produce an error in the computer log.

Using O2 Sensor Simulators

Going around the OBDII sensor can be done. An O2 sensor simulator is used in this case, to mimic the output of the original sensor with the computerized system to enable enhancement of system performance. It inserts its own signal which tells the system that the amount of pollutants and carbon dioxide are within acceptable levels provided by the manufacture to the system’s programming. Replacing the sensor is done by hooking an O2 sensor simulator into the system where the OBDII’s regular second O2 sensor wire is located. Using this sensor, it will signal the system that no errors are found in the exhaust system. This will avoid problems with the check engine light being lit and an error appearing on the OBDII’s error log. Check out the Capristo O2 Simulator for sale here at Racing Powersports!
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