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Finding Error Codes in Your Car

Whether being used for servicing a high performance stock car or performing routine maintenance on the family vehicle, diagnostic scanners and testers are a necessity in the modern garage. These diagnostic tools allow mechanics to interpret the computerized signals from a car's electronic systems to find any faults or error codes. Diagnostics tools are usually used to read error codes presented by the vehicle's computers. A diagnostic scanner can read and understand these error codes, and translate them into a diagnosis that a technician or mechanic can understand. For example, an error code will appear in most cars when an oxygen sensor is no longer functioning properly. Interpreting this error code with a diagnostic scanner will tell a mechanic what needs fixed, and save hours of general troubleshooting that would otherwise be used to diagnose the problem.

What Are the Advantages?

These tools can also be used to clear error codes when they come up. If a given part sends an error code, but is functioning normally, this code can be safely cleared without causing difficulties down the line. Diagnostic scanners and testers can be used to reset the error code in this situation. Most diagnostic tools can detect faults in a wide range of systems such as ABS and SRS airbag systems. This allows anyone with access to such a diagnostic tool to perform a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of a vehicle's systems and ensure that all systems are functioning normally. Diagnostic scanners and testers are an essential part of the arsenal of the modern mechanic or car hobbyist. They can be used in a wide range of vehicles to save time and trouble in diagnosing potential problems, and are a good investment for any home shop or garage.
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