Radiator Hoses

ATV Radiator Hoses

Keeping Your Cool

Let's look at the maintenance checklist: fuel system: cleaned; brakes: adjusted; carburetor: rebuilt; tune up: done. That sounds about right. What, there’s something else? Check the radiator hoses? What radiator hoses? Oh, the radiator hoses that have never been looked at, checked or replaced. It’s an easy thing to miss. The cooling system is very unassuming on an ATV, right up until it fails and leaves you stranded on a trail or out of a heat race. At Racing Powersports, we have all the parts you need for a healthy cooling system.

Maintaining Your ATV's Radiator Hoses

Rubber rots. Over time, from heating up and cooling down and exposure to the elements, the compounds in rubber decay and the hoses weaken. This can mean high-pressure delivery hoses can burst and drain a system. Supply-side intake hoses with weakened walls can get sucked closed, starving the cooling system. Regular checks and monitoring hoses can catch this decay before disaster strikes. Getting out on the trails or pushing the limits on the track is fun on an ATV. A little extra effort at maintenance and knowing the right source for all your off-roading needs keeps that fun from slowing down.
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