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ATV Power Kits

What is a Power Kit?

Whether you're on a brand new machine or something with more than a few hours on it, more performance is always a good thing. Not just to go faster, but to run cleaner and more efficiently. But yeah, mostly to go faster. Aftermarket "power kits" are available for almost all makes and models of ATVs. You can increase the horse power of the average ATV significantly by changing a few key components. Horsepower is basically determined by how much fuel is burned and converted into energy. The more fuel you burn, the more oxygen is needed. The more combustion between the two, the more exhaust has to be expelled.

What Do I Have to Change?

You can change any single piece of the overall puzzle, and sometimes just changing one piece is all you need or want to do. But as you can see, each individual piece of your ATV effects or is effected by the others. Your top performance is only going to come when all of the pieces are tuned to each other, with no weak links. The best way for this to happen is to get the entire kit, and know that the pieces are all designed and built to work together.
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