Knock Monitors

Knock Monitors

Knock Monitors Are Important For Car Maintenance

When the timing and fuel input in an engine are off the engine will develop knocks. Monitoring the sounds of these knocks can eliminate them as well as the engines damage which can be caused. When tuning an engine a knock monitor is essential with today's sophisticated engines. Every engine will experience an occasional knock but if this becomes a regular occurrence within an engine then the parts of the engine may become permanently damaged and fail altogether. A knock monitor works by detecting the sound of the engine knock. There are several reasons for the knocking sound in an engine and by the type of sound the problem can be located and corrected. This is usually done when the engine is tuned and the majority of tuners know how to use a knock monitor.

How Does It Work?

Knock monitors work by affixing sound leads to an engine. Depending on the type of engine they are affixed at the front and back or on either side in a V-8 due to the configuration of the cylinders. The sound leads are then attached to headphones so the tuner can listen to the engine. They are also affixed to computers which can record and monitor the knocks. Listening to an engine knock is a time tested way to make sure an engine is fully tuned in the correct manner with all the right settings. Using a knock monitor makes the process more efficient and reliable. The computer with the software available assists the tuner with making sure the knock is accurately placed as today's cars are very sophisticated with integrated systems. When you need your engine to run smoothly, buy from Racing Powersports!
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