Big Bore Engine Kits

ATV Big Bore Kits

What is a Big Bore Kit?

A big bore kit is one of the simplest ways to increase the speed and performance of any ATV. For anyone familiar with the inner-workings of an engine, the concept behind the kit will be easy to understand. Essentially, a big bore kit is a brand new cylinder and piston for your ATV's engine. The new pistons and cylinders are larger than standard, upgrading the "engine displacement," volume of air that is moved by the pistons during each reciprocation. This provides the engine with more power. In addition to greater engine displacement, a big bore kit will also increase the compression of the piston and cylinder.

How Will a Big Bore Kit Benefit my ATV?

Unlike many other engine modifications available today, a big bore kit provides an increase in both horsepower and torque without a sacrifice in either. Because the engine displacement and the compression of the pistons are slightly increased, both the torque and power of the ATV are also going to improve. A big bore kit is ideal for someone who is looking to improve the speed and performance of their ATV without having to invest a large sum of money on an entirely new engine. True, a new, higher HP engine will greatly increase both your ATV's power output as well as its torque, but a big bore kit will reasonably increase both at a fraction of the cost.

Another bonus of purchasing a big bore kit is that it usually does not require a trip to the mechanic to install. It is a modification that is fairly simple and straightforward to install for even a novice ATV owner.

If you are looking for a fast, economical way to increase the performance of your ATV, a big bore kit is definitely something to consider.

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