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We’ve all felt that sickening feeling. You shift, rev and release the clutch lever, and there’s nothing. Just the engine revving and whining and you realize you are going nowhere fast. That little bit of slipping when you take off on your UTV for the last month or so has been sending you a message. You just didn’t listen. Now it’s time for a new clutch kit on your machine. RacingPowerSports has your parts.

How Well Do You Know Your Clutch?

A stock clutch system is middle of the road at best. The manufacturers make sure their UTVs can meet the needs of the masses, for heading out through the underbrush when hunting, plowing snow up and down a country lane, and for hitting the mud bogs and sand dunes once in awhile. But they are not made for the hard-hitting racing and competition scenarios true enthusiasts throw at their vehicles every weekend.

Racing’s high-torque take offs and punishing horsepower requires a good-quality, well-built clutch system to survive and not leave you out on the track stranded. Adequate pressure and gripping from the clutch ensures more of your engine’s horsepower gets transferred to the drive wheels making for better times and control on the track. Immediate hookup also makes for quicker throttle response and crisper backshifting. Why wait for disaster to strike before upgrading your stock clutch system? Upgrading to a new aftermarket clutch kit makes sense before next riding season. Give RacingPowerSports a call today and make sure you’re never sitting on the side of the track watching the others go by.

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