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Axle shafts can a small variety of sizes, and are not very big to begin with. The different sizes found are: 4+; 5+, which can fit different models; and 6+. All lengths have different models that fit certain models from year to year. Most of them, however, have shafts that can fit several years. The appearance of these shafts doesn't look like much, but it’s not looks that matter. They are long, black shafts that have attachable tips on both ends. The sizes of the axles differ from front to rear axles. It’s usually the front axle shafts that will fit multiple models, whereas the rear shafts will not. The 5+ lengths come in two different year categories that can still fit the rider’s model. The 5+ lengths are designed for long travel and is the more chosen axle shaft, which is way it has two different shaft types.

Purpose of Axle Shafts

Axle shafts are supposed to be built to last as long as possible. It doesn't take years of experience to know that the quality and durability of axle shafts have a huge impact on the performance of an UTV/ATV. All the heavy-duty, hardcore axle shafts can handle up to 40 degrees of angle. That makes them perfect for the UTV rider who’s looking for a lift or over-sized tires to install on his vehicle. Usually after a proper lift has been installed, the shock axles may not be able to handle the added angle. And that could cause them to weaken and break a lot faster than they should. If the shock axles do end up weakening or breaking, some aftermarket axles can solve that problem. When adding axle shafts, the rider’s weight should be taken into consideration.

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