Exhaust Package Kit

ATV Exhaust Kit

How Well Does Your Engine Breathe on the Terrain?

A complete exhaust kit comes with essentials for bettering an ATV rides. Theses kits usually contain an exhaust system, fuel and ignition controllers, air filter kit with a replacement air filter, intake camshaft, and pistons. Sometimes it comes with compression pistons, but those kits are optional. Not all kits come with all these parts and accessories, so understanding what parts are needed can help in choosing the right kit for the ATV. Various ATV models have varying exhaust kits, so knowing the model of the ATV is also need information in picking exhaust kits. Depending on the kit, the intake camshaft may be a drop-in camshaft, which means there are no additional parts needed for the install.

The Purpose of an Exhaust Kit

Exhaust kits, also known as performance kits, are perfect for any use as it encompasses the key components to balance an ATV’s performance needs. Pre-gathered kits take all the guess-work and testing out of putting together a performance kit one part at a time. By buying a pre-assembled kit, it eliminates the mix-and-matching parts to try to get the performance desired. One of the hardest problems with putting together an exhaust with fuel injection from scratch is trying to tune the vehicle. A performance kit supplies a proper fuel controller with a fuel map already tuned, which means no tuning and testing, and re-tuning and retesting. Also, kits are the ideal building block for any future modifications that may be done because they come with everything needed for a serious performance build.

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