Heel Guards

ATV Heel Guards

On Top of Your Ride in the Roughest of Terrain

Heel guards are an essential item for ATV riders. These devices help protect riders by keeping their boots in place on demanding trail sections. This helps keep your feet and legs from harm’s way when brushing against rocks, trees and other surfaces. Heel protection is a must when backing down steep terrain, so it’s important to research your options thoroughly before you buy.

Although ATV heel guards are usually attached directly to the vehicle itself, they are also commonly attached to nerf bars. This gives the nerf bars a longer lifespan while improving their durability. No rider should be without a set of heel guards from Houser or HMF IQ for their ride.

Common Types of Heel Guards

Standard heel guards are made from durable plastic materials, giving them the ruggedness and strength to withstand the rough-and-tumble trail environment. Plastic ATV heel guards are a common sight on stock ATVs straight from the factory and a replacement set can easily restore your ride to its stock state.

ATV heel guards made from aluminum and magnesium are a popular and relatively inexpensive upgrade from the typical plastic heel guard. These parts offer better protection for the rider while offering a greater level of durability. Aluminum and magnesium heel guards are available in a wide variety of styles to suit rider preferences.

Carbon fiber heel guards combine unique looks with light weight and extraordinary durability. These heel guards are made from high-quality carbon fiber backed by epoxy resin for greater durability. Riders can order carbon fiber heel guards in several styles to suit their ATV’s appearance and protection needs.

ATV Heel Guards from Racing

We carry a variety of heel guards from companies like Houser and HMF IQ so you can find the best fit for you and your ATV. We sell at competitive prices and ground shipping is free within the continental United States, so check out our selection today!
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