MotoTote: The Best Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Hitch Carrier In The Market

MotoTote Bike Carriers
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MotoTote: The Best Heavy-Duty Motorcycle Hitch Carrier In The Market

The MotoTote Motorcycle Carriers allow you to haul your Dirt Bike or Sport Bike in a safe and resourceful manner. It has the ability to tow motorized bikes that weigh up to 600 lbs. The track platform supports any bike with a front tire width of 5" and a rear tire width of 8.50". This stage is not suitable for any modified vehicle that exceeds the weight capacity and tire specs. Moto-Tote designed this stage to appropriately satisfy the needs of loyal customers. They collected requests and suggestions from numerous individuals who purchased their products over the years. This design structure comes from trial and error, and the final creation is the result of consistent testing. After many years of hard work, they released a transporter with a firm and superior frame. 

Its been over a year since MotoTote decided to move their fabrication and assembly line to Texas, further that, in 2022 they upgraded the trusted M3 & Sport MTXS Motorcycle Hitch Carriers with new and improved parts. This change was inspired by the attention to detail, quality, and benefits of local production in Texas.

Some of the updates include:

  • Improved Weight Safety Margin - Now includes an improved design and thicker gauge steel.
  • Upgraded Powder Coat - All parts are finished and painted in Texas with an upgraded prep and paint for a higher quality finished product.
  • New Rust-Resistant Black Zinc Coated Hardware - Upgraded from customer requests to improve for wear and tear from the road.
  • New ZeroWobble+ Hitch Mount - Upgraded mount eliminates rack movement laterally in transport and requires fewer tools for installation.
  • Upgraded Packaging - Thicker box, improved packaging materials & layout reduce potential damage in transport from improper handling in shipping.

They also released a new version called Max and Max+ which are fully built and assembled in Texas also. While the Max and Max+ have already proven themselves with innovative platforms, tracks, wheel stops, they recently have been upgraded with two features that put these carriers into a hauling category of their own!

BroadPull+ Tie Down Arms (in the front and the back): Two patented, S shaped, wide tie-down arms maximize strap leverage and increase lateral support from both the front and rear of the motorcycle.

Quickload Ramp: A robust, elongated laser-cut ramp reduces loading angle, eliminates bottoming out and stores from the same side the ramp loads for a quicker setup.

Compared to their prior versions, the new innovations provide a new level of stability and security with two BroadPull+ Tie Down arms and even simpler loading with our new Quickload ramp.

We are proud to be the Largest MotoTote Dealer in the USA, we carry their full line of products in stock and we offer free shipping Nationwide, just check out our MotoTote Products Section!

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