RPM Dominator 2, The Strongest ATV Racing Axle On The Planet!

RPM Dominator 2 Racing Axles
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RPM Dominator 2, The Strongest ATV Racing Axle On The Planet!

Experienced ATV racers know that quality and durability have a huge effect on the performance of axles on quads in all terrain conditions. Whether you are hitting the rugged XC terrain or desert racing, we suggest converting to a high-performance ATV axle like RPM's DOMINATOR II.

The RPM DOMINATOR II Racing Axles have been used by some of the most successful racers and teams in the word. If a custom ATV setup is your desire, most DOMINATOR II axles feature an adjustable width. You will never have to worry about reliability as RPM backs its "Strongest Performance Axle on the Planet!" claim with a full LIFETIME WARRANTY against bending and breaking for as long as you own your axle. The claim was put to the test and RPM’s competitors axles bent up to 17x more than the Dominator under the exact same pressure

"Under an extreme 14,000 lbs of pressure, the RPM Dominator II bent only a miniscule .031 inches. Compare that to our closest 'competition', which bent more than 6 times as much!"

Bottom line is that if you want strength, performance and lifetime reliability from your racing axle, the Dominator 2 series is worth the investment

We carry the full line of RPM Dominator 2 Racing Axles most of them in stock with Free Shipping Nationwide!

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