Precision Racing Elite Steering Stabilizer

Precision Racing Elite Stabilizer
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Precision Racing Elite Steering Stabilizer

Any avid ATV rider or seasoned racer will attest that eventually you are going to have the bars ripped from your hands; that is if you like to push the limits of your machine. The team at Precision Racing Products were ahead of the game when they created the Pro Steering Stabilizer. The Pro Stabilizer offered an excellent solution for reducing the impact felt at the bars when your tire hits rocks, roots, stumps, or even another rider. A stabilizer or steering damper helps you take your riding to the next level and keeps your ATV pointed in the direction you want it to go.

After a year of testing Precision released its new Elite Model Steering Stabilizer. The new Elite Model retains all the same great features of the Pro model stabilizer; separately controlled damping for going straight or turning, a rock solid mounting with proper mounting geometry, race proven ability to absorb thousands of pounds of pressure on major impacts, and the internal reservoir that allows for thermal expansion. The Precision Stabilizer also features specially designed stainless steel bushings that are packed in grease and "O" ring sealed for years of worry free use.

The new Elite Model boasts up to 65% better impact absorption with a far larger and more linear adjustment range than necessary on the Pro version. It also includes 87% larger wear surfaces for even greater product longevity and can mount up to existing steering stems.

Desert riding, backcountry terrain and race tracks all create unique obstacles to keeping your ATV straight. The Elite has two adjustment knobs that are easy to turn for the center and side damping. You are able to adjust the center stiffer than the sides or the sides stiffer than the center. If conditions are slippery or loose in the backcountry or racetrack you can firm up the center and soften up the sides. This allows you steer into your slide quicker and then the stabilizer will catch the back of the ATV as it goes toward center thereby reducing the chance of fishtailing. If you need more stability when going fast and straight in the desert you can easily adjust the Elite Precision Stabilizer to ride straight and true.

Installing the Elite stabilizer is very straightforward and should only take a few minutes. Precision Racing also includes a settings guide that will help you dial in the stabilizer settings.

All Precision Elite Stabilizers are machined in a high tech manufacturing facility in Northern California. Precision’s high tech machining grinding and inspection equipment keeps stabilizer quality at an unparalleled level. Most importantly the Precision stabilizers are proven on the racetrack with 68 wins out of 70 races in Pro men’s and women’s class MX and Cross Country competition.

RacingPowerSports carries the full line of Precision Elite Stabilizers on our website. We offer a competitive price along with Precision’s Warranty and Free Shipping Nationwide.

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