ELKA Legacy Shocks: A New Look With Optional Rebound Adjustment

ELKA Legacy Shocks
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ELKA Legacy Shocks: A New Look With Optional Rebound Adjustment

The Elka Legacy Shock Series was designed with the recreational atv sport rider’s needs in mind. This series offers an affordable upgrade or replacement shock for your machine. While most stock atv shock absorbers are suitable for the casual rider it is highly recommended that the weekend warrior invests in a set-up that meet your aggressive riding requirements and compliments power upgrades. The Legacy Series will most certainly do this as well as also improve comfort and control of your ATV.

So what is so special about the Legacy Series that you can’t get out of your stock shock? Our favorite characteristics include; remote and external reservoirs, low-speed compression, rebound damping, threaded spring preload plus the shocks are a long-lasting and fully serviceable.

If you ever wished you could adjust your atv clearance so you could adapt to different terrains you are able to do this thanks to the shocks threaded spring preload. You can also fine-tune initial force on springs and balance the weight distribution across the front and rear wheels of your vehicle.

The Legacy Series low-speed compression adjustment allows you to fine-tune the dampening resistance on your atv shock when cornering, accelerating, braking and terrain changes during your ride. You can easily stiffen or soften your your suspension in the field by turning a dampening-resistance knob.

Elka’s rebound damping controls the speed at which the shock absorber returns to its fully extended position after an impact. A quick adjustment allows you to speed up or slow down rebound. You can rest assured that your ATV wheels will stay on the ground for maximum traction and reduced bucking effect.

On the Plus version, optional lightweight composite shock protectors are available to prevent dust and debris from damaging the shock as well as reducing service requirements in the long run.

Installation of Legacy Series shocks is simple and easy enough that you can do it yourself if you have the right hand tools.

All Elka shocks are vehicle-specific and designed to get the most out of your ATV’s geometry.  Elka will tune the shocks based on your riding style and weight.

RacingPowerSports carries an extensive assortment of ELKA Suspension Legacy Shocks for all fitments and Free Shipping Nationwide!

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