LoneStar Racing Axcalibar ATV Racing Axles: Built with the Racer in mind!

LoneStar Axcalibar ATV Racing Axles
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LoneStar Racing Axcalibar ATV Racing Axles: Built with the Racer in mind!

Building a race and trail worthy ATV begins with a solid foundation. A key component of that foundation is the axle. Axles support the chassis of a vehicle, act as the bridge between the suspension and the body of an ATV as it tackles rough terrain. ATV stock axles are designed well, but if you want to advance your equipment to race performance quality we suggest investing in a high performance axle.

Proven on the Tracks

Axcalibar Racing Axles are the most widely used axle in the ATV Racing and Recreational industry. Some of the most accomplished racers in the world have proven and backed up the Axcalibar race performance quality on the track over the last 10 years. Lonestar Racing has been manufacturing race winning chassis and suspension ATV components for over 20 years. Their confidence in the Axcalibar design is so high, each axle is backed by a Lifetime warranty against bending and breaking, a warranty unsurpassed by any other axle manufacturer.

Durable, Lightweight and Versatile

The LoneStar Racing Axcalibar delivers a truly all-in-one axle; meeting the needs of racers and recreational riders alike. Lonestar starts by manufacturing their axle using a lightweight steel with a load-bearing ratio more in common with aircraft steel than any type used in automotive design.The result is a beefier class of axle that overcomes almost any bending and breaking terrain you throw at it. An additional benefit of the special stainless material used in the Axcalibar is you no longer have to worry about chrome chipping or rust. Peak level reliability that matches performance.

Adaptability is another important characteristic of a high performance axle. The LoneStar Racing Axcalibar is a fully adjustable axle that compensates for terrain changes and adapts to an ATV rider’s style. Each axle is precision machined to exact OEM specifications so all stock or Lonestar Racing accessories can be used. Lonestar also manufactures adjustable spacers and customized installation accessories to add a little extra clearance or lend added stability.

Give your ATV the edge in needs with the near indestructible Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Axle. RacingPowerSports is proud to offer the whole line of LoneStar Racing Axcalibar Axles with Free Shipping Nationwide!

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