Suzuki LTZ400 Racing Upgrades

Suzuki LTZ400 Racing Upgrades
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Suzuki LTZ400 Racing Upgrades

The Suzuki LTZ400 was a small, light, and wild ATV launched by Suzuki in 2003. In 2004, the quad made history, becoming the first 4-stroke engined quad to win the AMA ATV National Championship, piloted by Doug "Digger" Gust.

But that’s not the only reason why the LTZ400 became so popular. The quad was affordable, and its liquid-cooled 398cc engine, combined with its outstanding suspension, made it a popular choice among ATV enthusiasts. The model was faster and more fun to drive than its rivals, and it soon earned a reputation as one of the best high-performance ATVs ever made.

The LTZ400 was built over a light, racing tubular frame and independent front suspension with double A-arms. The engine was a 4-stroke 398cc based on the Suzuki DRZ400 dirt bike power plant paired to a 5-speed gearbox with reverse, electronic ignition, a compression ratio of 11.3:1 capable of producing about 35HP. The engine, combined with a lightweight of just 372 lbs (168.7 kg), turned the LTZ400 into an agile quad capable of achieving a top speed of a little more than 70mph.

In 2005, the LTZ400 was improved. It became more powerful and responsive, and the front suspension was fitted with adjustable shocks. Besides, a lightweight aluminum skid plate was added to the quad’s underside to provide extra protection to the engine and the bottom of the quad. Besides, the seat was redesigned, and the handlebars were adjusted for a better riding experience. The most significant change the model received during its lifetime was in 2009, when the carburetor was replaced by an EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system with an electronic CDI ignition, which made the engine even more reliable.

The model was well sold and a popular choice among enthusiasts, even when a few years after its launch, Suzuki announced the LTZ450. Finally, in 2014 the LTZ400 was discontinued and was available in some countries until 2018.  

Racing Upgrades for the Suzuki LTZ400:
The Suzuki LTZ400 is extremely upgradeable, and thanks to its popularity, there is a wide offer of performance parts to take this outstanding ATV to the next level.

For example, the ELKA Suspension LEGACY SERIES PLUS FRONT & REAR Shocks is a great kit to refresh and improve the quad’s suspension. The three shocks in this kit feature rebound adjustment and are made of steel.

Another mod you can’t miss when customizing a quad is an A-arm upgrade, like the Lonestar Racing LSR Sport Style Regular Travel +3+0 A-arms. This kit includes stronger upper arms with camber and caster adjustment, and the lower arms are also reinforced. The kit brings new bushings, ball joints, and stainless steel tie rods. It’s an excellent choice to refresh and strengthen the quad’s front suspension while adding extra stability.

The Precision Racing Elite Steering Stabilizer Damper & Mount Kit improves the quad's performance by reducing handlebar vibrations, providing better steering control, and enhancing stability. The product reduces vibrations by up to 65%, reducing fatigue during long, challenging paths. This enhances the steering input and improves the driving experience and handling on rough terrains or high-speed rides.

To unleash the full engine potential on the track, the Sparks Racing Full Exhaust for the Suzuki LTZ400 replaces the restrictive exhaust with a racing exhaust system designed to increase the airflow, resulting in more power and torque. The dyno and track-tested design ensures gains across the power band, and it’s an excellent add-on for stock or modified engines.

Last but not least, the cooling system is one of the most critical parts of this engine. With time and extreme temperatures, rubber factory hoses fade and tend to crack and leak. The SAMCO Silicone Coolant Hose Kit replaces the main LTZ400 hoses with silicone hoses, which practically last forever, making the engine more reliable.

Final Thoughts:
The Suzuki LTZ400 is an amazing quad, even by today’s standards. It’s a powerful and exciting machine that offers an outstanding riding experience. Over the years, the model has built a massive fan base, gaining popularity among off-road and ATV enthusiasts who praise the machine’s performance, reliability, and versatility. This vehicle is undoubtedly on the list of the best quads ever made.


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