ELKA Suspension: A Behind The Scenes Tour Of Operations

ELKA Suspension Factory Tour
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ELKA Suspension: A Behind The Scenes Tour Of Operations

We had the amazing opportunity to visit Elka Suspension’s plant in Boucherville, Canada. We were able to see their process first-hand and the logistics that goes into delivering the Ultimate Ride Experience to powersports enthusiasts through shock absorbers adapted and calibrated specifically for their vehicle’s geometry.

The Story behind Elka Suspension:
Elka Suspension is a Canadian manufacturing company founded in 2000 by the Lamoureux brothers and Marc-André Kingsley. Elka Suspension is made up of a staff that is composed of ATV enthusiasts who truly live and breathe ATV racing and riding. Their dedication to taking a lead on the track or trail is evident in their manufacturing and operations. As a result they deliver a product and service to every ATV owner once only offered to professional racers.

Custom Design Shocks:
All of Elka’s products are built-to-order, with calibration based on several key parameters for each customer. The Elka team expresses how important it is for them to learn as much as they can about each customer so the shocks are designed based on the customer’s needs. Elka shocks are dialed in to address equipment measurements, body weight, riding style, type of terrain the customer prefers plus many other variables. Elka Suspension remains true to its roots after 17 years; designing and manufacturing high-quality shocks for everyone with standards that professional racers would come to expect in their suspension system.

The Manufacturing Process:
After Elka enters the customer’s details into their computer system, the components needed to manufacture the shocks are put together and the process begins with pre-assembly of the base of the shock. The steps in the manufacturing process that require more precision are done by hand not by a machine such as the assembly of subcomponents and compression system. As a testament to Elka’s commitment to high standards, their team designed and fabricated a machine used to fill each unit with the hydraulic fluid. This machine enables the operator to flush out air bubbles in the fluid that can lead to cavitation. Once the shock is fully assembled, it is sent to quality control where it is tested on a dynamometer before shipment. Because of Elka’s association with successful off-road racing teams, Elka customers will benefit from technological advances made based on feedback from the top professionals.

Top-Notch Customer Service:
Elka’s commitment to excellences does not end with shipment. Sometimes additional settings may be needed to realize the shock’s maximum potential based on the terrain their customer is riding. The customer and technical service departments remain active in this personalized process until your shocks are dialed in, guaranteeing an the Ultimate Ride Experience.

RacingPowerSports Has You Covered:
We are proud to be one of the largest ELKA Dealers in the USA as well as South America, we carry the full line of Elka Suspension Shocks & Products.

Watch The Amazing ELKA Suspension Factory Tour Below:

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