Maxima Pre-Oiled Pro Air Filter Yamaha Dirt Bikes

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Ready-to-Use Yamaha air filters are made of fused dual-stage, open-cell foam. Open pore outer foam layer allows for maximum airflow, while the more dense inner layer foam ensures filtering protection from dirt, fine sand and dust. Dual-stage design resists filter plugging and airflow blockage. Pre-oiled with Maxima FFT – the world’s best and most effective air filter oil. Packaged ready-to-use. Excellent for the everyday rider, racer or off-roader. Once dirty, dispose of filter and replace with new. Dual-stage foam ensures proper filtration in all off-road scenarios.

Yamaha WR250F 2015-2017
Yamaha WR450F 2016-2018
Yamaha YZ250F 2014-2017
Yamaha YZ250FX 2015-2017
Yamaha YZ450F 2014-2017
Yamaha YZ450FX 2016-2017

Perfectly Pre-Oiled with Maxima FFT
Dual Stage Open Cell Foam
Plush 13mm Sealing Foam
Complete with Disposable Gloves!
Designed for one time use

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