KC M-RACKS 50" Gravity Pro6 Light Bar Rack for Ford F150/Raptor SuperCab 15-19

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KC M-RACKS performance roof rack compatible with Ford F-150/Raptor SuperCab 2015-2019 trucks features a low profile aluminum design with an integrated 50 Gravity LED 8-light Pro6 light bar horizontal crossbars and cargo track mounts.

KC M-RACK roof racks offer low profile aerodynamics and strength with modularity to meet your cargo carrying needs.Utilizing a lightweight all aluminum construction KC M-RACKs only weigh around 25 lbs practically unchanging your vehicle's center of gravity or factory curb weight. Our roof racks provide you peace of mind minimizing roof clearance while maximizing cargo carrying capacity.

Using advanced vehicle scanning 3D modeling and precision laser cutting KC M-RACKs are engineered specifically for your 15-19 Ford F-150/Raptor Extra Cab truck's roofline. What you get is a precise form fitting design that contours the roofline of your vehicle and eliminating any unsightly gaps or awkward positioning often found with standard "Universal" roof rack offerings on the market. KC M-Racks are designed to scale with your needs. From the integrated lighting to our unique hardware tracks expanding what you can do with your rack are endless.

-KC M-RACK Stealth Rack for 2015-2019 Ford F150/Raptor SuperCab trucks
-Integrated 50" KC Gravity® LED Pro6 Light Bar and KC C-Series Scene LED Flood Lights
-Lightweight All-Aluminum Construction
-Engineered to Support Full OEM Rated Load Capacity of your vehicle
-Horizontal Cross Bars with Hardware Tracks offer endless accessory mounting
-Designed Engineered and Made in the USA

Compatible with Ford F-150/Raptor SuperCab 2015-2019
Precise Vehicle Specific Low Profile Contoured Design: Typically only adds 2.75 to peak vehicle height
Integrated 50" Gravity LED 8-Light Pro6 light bar system delivers 19616 lumens of light
(4) KC C-Series Scene LED Flood Lights

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