RaceChip Tuning: Plug and Drive Engine Optimization

RaceChip engineers design innovative performance enhancement technology that will unlock your engine’s maximum performance.  Instead of OBD tuning, which includes breaking into the ECU and adjusting or overwriting the manufacturer's software, performance improvements are achieved by optimizing the engine's electronic control signals using RaceChip’s auxiliary control devices.

RaceChip’s auxiliary control device, think of it as a mini-computer, is installed between the engine controls and sensors.  The chip tuning software module in the device pulls data from the engine’s sensors, processes it in real time and then transmits the optimized data to the corresponding control sensors in your vehicle. The result of this process is a considerable power boost and performance upgrades of up to 30%. If you are wondering how this affects the longevity of your engine, don’t worry. RaceChip technology only uses available power reserves, they stay within tolerances and engine protection systems remain fully intact. OBD tuning reversion is possible with considerable effort and costs, the changes made with RaceChip technology can be reverted back to series condition with ease.

RaceChip technology can be used in all modern diesel and turbo-charged petrol engines. Performance enhancements are available for numerous makes and models of vehicles. Each chip is programmed to suit each individual engine and supplied with the right map for your vehicle. 5 - 7 fine tuning mappings, depending on the model of chip, allow you to choose a map to suit your mood or the engine characteristics.

RaceChip has 3 models for your various needs and budget. The S model is their base chip. It offers the latest hardware, engine-specific adjustments and a comprehensive services package for chip tuning first-timers. The RS model is RaceChip’s bestseller. The RS comes with a completely new optimization software and enhanced engine-specific adjustments. 6 fine tuning mappings, an increase of up to 15% fuel efficiency and 25% horsepower is available with the RS. The GTS is RaceChip’s premium model; offering up to a 30% increase in HP, 7 fine tuning mappings for a gradual custom-fit to match your engine’s performance and an easy to control Digital User Interface.

Improving your vehicle’s performance has never been easier. RaceChip Plug & Drive system is easily self-installable without specialist knowledge or tools in only 10-15 minutes. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, the company developed an app so you can customize your vehicle's performance via Bluetooth or your smartphone. The Race Chip app lets you set up your car as you want, just select the tuning stage from your smartphone. The app can also deactivate the RaceChip, returning the car to stock tune.

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