Our Company History


In May 2012, RacingPowerSports was founded by two friends, Fred and Damian. Initially named FB Trading LLC, the company later changed its name to RacingPowerSports and began operating out of a UPS Store located in Cedar Park, TX.


Soon after, we realized that the demand for our products was growing rapidly, and we needed a larger facility to accommodate our expanding business. As a result, we leased a warehouse in Miami, FL, and shortly thereafter, we launched our website, eBay store, and Amazon store to reach a wider audience.


Throughout that time, our main goal was to establish RacingPowerSports as a prominent name in the PowerSport Industry by focusing on building our brand. In addition to providing excellent customer service, we attended various trade shows and created direct B2B relationships with major brands in the industry.


We made the decision to relocate our operations to Texas and subsequently shut down our Miami warehouse. During the move, we temporarily operated from Fred's parents' residence, utilizing most of their available space, including multiple rooms and a four-car garage for several months.


In July 2018, we established our new Warehouse in Spicewood, TX, which became the central hub of our operations. We remained dedicated to expanding our brand and began creating our own RacingPowerSports branded products.


At the time of the COVID-19 outbreak, our business was already expanding rapidly, and due to the surge in e-commerce sales and the relaxed COVID restrictions in Texas, our sales and online presence across various marketplaces increased significantly, resulting in record-breaking sales figures.


As our business continued to flourish, we made the decision to move to a larger warehouse and establish a new retail store. In June 2020, we found an ideal location in Dripping Springs, TX, situated in the heart of Texas' Hill Country, and relocated there.


After settling in Dripping Springs, we sustained our growth by shipping more than 300 orders per day domestically and internationally, and catering to the needs of the local Riders with top-notch products and customer service.


In May of 2022, we accomplished a remarkable feat that only a few small businesses are able to achieve - celebrating our 10th anniversary! This momentous occasion is a true testament to the team's hard work, dedication, and passion, and is a significant achievement that sets us apart from others in the industry.


The new year looks incredibly promising, and we're thrilled about the endless opportunities that await us. Our team has been working tirelessly to revamp our website, and we're confident that it will enhance our customers' experiences. We've also developed state-of-the-art logistic software that will not only optimize our warehouse operations but also elevate our rapidly expanding Amazon FBA business to new heights.