UTV Harnesses

Tackle Terrain in Safety

These harnesses are designed to keep the driver safely secured while driving around hazardous or treacherous tracks. It has the basic appearance of most vehicle harnesses. The colors of them change based on manufacturers and customer choice. The differences between harnesses are based on the manufacturer’s overall purpose for the product. Certain harnesses have more pockets and clasps, as well as the shape of the harness. There are H-shaped harnesses and 5-point racing harnesses. The 5-point harnesses have three points at the bottom, connecting to the UTV, and two shoulder straps at the top. The H-shaped has the two shoulder straps that come all the way down to the horizontal strap that buckles the driver in. Both harnesses have a chest strap that goes horizontally across the chest, giving the H-shaped harness its “H” shape. Even though the color choices tend to be customer opinionated, they usually come in black, red, and blue.

UTV Harness Functionality

The better UTV harnesses are secure and easy to use for any level of driver. They should give the driver the feeling that the safety for their side by side is a lot more accessible and convenient than they probably think it is. Always trying to build on harness designs that were pioneered in off-road vehicle racing, manufacturers came up with a harness that is both incredibly secure, yet simple enough that it can be used over and over multiple times a day; every day. The width of the straps may vary based on manufacturers and type of harness, but for let’s just say the straps are 2 inches. This design helps distribute pressure evenly over the body so that it has a more comfortable fit. Also, the pull tabs allow the straps to be loosened or tightened with ease.

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