Radar & Laser Detectors

Radar and Laser Detectors

Racing Powersports Has Radar & Laser Detection Systems

Radar and laser detectors can give you a measure of peace of mind while you are driving. While the models work on the same basic physical principles, each device has slightly different features. Here is a review of the basic features of our motorcycle radar and laser detectors.

Avoid Speed Traps

Armed with your own radar & laser detector, you can start to learn the trends of the police in your area. Police will tend to concentrate on certain areas for ticket issuance. The radar and laser detector will scan the area for the wave lengths normally assigned to the police: X, K and Ka bands.

There are primarily three types of radar detectors: wired, wireless or permanent. The wireless devices can be moved to a different vehicle. The permanently mounted device can be hidden from the viewpoint of would-be thieves.

It is important to check whether the state you live in allows radar & laser detectors. The top radar & laser detectors have technology that can identify if the police are using radar detector finding equipment.

How Sensitive Are Radar & Laser Detectors?

The top models allow you to modify the sensitivity levels to avoid "false alerts." Generally, concentrated urban environments will have a lot more background radar and laser "noise," since automatic garage door openers can work on some of the same frequencies as police radar guns.

The basic model will have a visual display showing you that police radar may be present. You can also get audio and voice alerts. These audio alerts might be better to prevent you from becoming too distracted.

If you're looking for a radar and laser detection system for your vehicle, look no further! Racing Powersports carries Adaptiv TPX motorcycle radar and laser detectors in different styles and price ranges.

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