RacingPowerSports Multifunction Digital Hour Meter Tachometer

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RacingPowerSports is proud to present the new RL-HM400 Multifunction Digital Hour Meter. The Multifunction Digital Hour Meter is a self powered engine tachometer, speed meter with voltmeter, service reminder and gauge thermometer all in one. It works excellent for Marine, Snowmobile, Dirt Bike and Motorcycle applications. It has 3 main theme display mode: Hours theme display, Distance theme display, engine RPM display, plus it is easily installed with included bracket and waterproof Rated IP67.

The hours theme display includes: TOT timing, Partial timing, oil filter change timing, air filter change timing, spark plug change timing, oil change timing , voltage measurement, temperature measurement, speed measurement, just to name a few.

The distance theme display includes: Record total mileage ODO and mileage TRP; driving target mileage; TAR and maintenance reminder; oil filter change timing; air filter change timing; spark plug change timing; oil change timing; voltage measurement; temperature measurement; speed measurement, just to name a few.

The engine RPM display includes: measuring current driving speed: MAX speed and AVG speed record; speed reminder and set; voltage measurement; temperature measurement; speed measurement, just to name a few.

Product Size: 118x68x22
Display Screen: LCD
External Power Range: <150mA
Visible Window Size: 57x42mm
Inside Battery: 4.2V-500mAH Lithium Battery
Waterproof Class: IP67
Wire Length: 100-120mm
Total Timing/Partial Timing: 0-65000H
Oil Filter Change Timing: 0-250H
Air Filter Change Timing: 0-250H
Spark Plug Change Timing: 0-250H
Odometer: 0-5000000KM 0-310000M
Clock Mode: 24H
Timing Error: 24H<+-10S
RPM Measurement Range: 0-20000RPM
RPM Alert Setting Range: 5000-20000RPM
Voltage Measurement Range: 6-60V
Speed Measurement Range: 0-50KM/H 0-217.5M/H
Speed/mileage Unit: KM/H(KM) M/H(m)
Stroke Type: 1P1R, 1P2R, 3P1R, 3P2RR, 4P1R, 5P2R, 6P1R, 8P1R
Temperature Measure Range: -20 Degree C - +250 Degree C / -4 Degree F - +482 Degree F

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