Precision Racing Steering Stabilizer Pro Damper & Mount Arctic Cat 700

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If you ride an ATV long enough you will have the bars ripped from your hands eventually. The Precision Stabilizer reduces the impact felt at the bars when your tire hits rocks, roots, stumps, or even another rider.

Our rock solid mount holds the stabilizer at the proper angle, so no need for sloppy wear prone hiem joints The Precision Stabilizer features specially designed stainless steel bushings that are packed in grease and "O" ring sealed for years of worry free use.

The stabilizer is easily rebuilt, though your average rider and most racers will never need to. With only one internal moving part made of solid heat treated stainless steel and the housing and all other machined parts made of billet hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel, this unit is built to take a beating.

Our Stabilizer will absorb impacts that will explode the competition's stabilizer. The ability to dampen these impacts reduces the chances of injury to the rider. Without seals in the pressure area this impact damper absorbs thousands of pounds of pressure, thousands of times, without failing.

The new patented Precision PRO Model with a built in reservoir to allow for thermal expansion. New stronger linkage, stem clamp and lever. Also a new sleeker housing.
The only Stabilizer that allows you to adjust the damping for turning separately from going straights damping.

  • Adjust the center stiffer than the sides or the sides stiffer than the center. Whether you prefer 10% firmer or 50% the range is huge!
  • If conditions are slippery or loose: Firm up the center and soften up the sides. This will help you steer into your slide quicker and then the stabilizer will catch the back of the quad as it goes toward center reducing fishtailing.
  • Want more stability when going fast and straight and less resistance when turning? You can easily tune the Precision Stabilizer to your liking.
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