HMF Titan QS Dual Full Exhaust System Gun Metal Blackout Honda Talon 1000 R/X 19

Part Number
522726638893 + 622722360001
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The Titan Dual Full Exhaust System HMF exhausts for the Honda Talon 1000 R/X take advantage of HMF's superior engineering to produce unmatched durability, sound, power and torque. All systems retain the OEM oxygen sensor for optimum drivability.

Slip On System Titan QS (Quiet) Series
The 5" stainless steel Titan Slip On System retains a similar layout as the stock exhaust while still retaining the signature HMF design. The Slip On System picks up 3 hp and 3 ft-lbs of torque and reduces the weight of the exhaust system by 9 lbs. The Titan QS is only 2 dB louder above stock at idle.

Fuel Tuning is absolutely required when installing an HMF Exhaust on this machine. Failure to tune the engine can cause excessive damage to the exhaust system and engine, while voiding the warranty on your exhaust and possibly on your machine. (check with local dealer). The HMF Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer is a Fuel-Injection Controller that has been pre-programmed with the proper tuning specifications for your HMF exhaust. You must retune your machine when you're adding an exhaust system, so not tuning your machine will void the warranty of your exhaust.
Pre-Programmed with the best settings for your HMF exhaust
Push Button Interface Unique load based technology
Plug and Play Installation
No CPU or Dyno Needed
Full Range Tuning

Titan Dual Full Exhaust System Quiet
Pre-Programmed Gen 3/3.5 Optimizer

Fitment: (2019) Honda Talon 1000 R/X
Color: Gun Metal
End Cap Style: Blackout
HMF Blackout exhausts have a specialized matte colored ceramic coating that is formulated to withstand extreme temperatures.

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