ELKA Suspension Stage 4 Front Shocks Can-Am Ryker Rally 2019+

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The ELKA Suspension Stage 4 Front shocks for the Can-Am Ryker Rally 2019+ are designed for those who want advanced shocks for their Ryker in an easy-to-use package. The Stage 4 model is derived directly from ELKA's top-end Stage 5 model, with which it shares most of the same components. It features a single external compression adjustment knob that controls the low-speed compression damping that is combined with an internal high-speed blow-off circuit which provides a firm and stable ride that is still very compliant to soak up bumps and potholes, all this in a package that is more accessible and easier to adjust.

Helps increase comfort and stability under any road conditions, making you feel secure and in control of the vehicle
Reduce front-end pushing, making the Ryker easier to steer in corners
Less diving in turns with less kicking from the VSS
Allows good control of key parameters without too much complexity

ELKA Shocks custom built for your Ryker:
Custom setup includes Make/Model/Year, Rider/Passenger Weight and Riding Style (Comfort, Sport or Performance). Basically each ELKA Shock is individually designed for your exact application, build time is just 15 days. Once we receive your order we will contact you to gather all required information for the Setup!

If you require faster shipment, have any kind of questions, or wish to inquire about other international shipping options, please contact us!
Threaded Spring Preload:
Available as a manual threaded adjuster. Lets the rider fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear of the vehicle while setting up the ride height (sag) and to lower or raise the vehicle to adapt to various situations or to suit your personal preference. To use, turn the preload adjustment ring clockwise (from top of the shock) to increase preload and raise the vehicle or turn counter-clockwise to reduce preload and lower the vehicle.
Rebound Damping: Controls the speed at which the shock absorber returns to its fully extended position after being compressed, keeping the wheels on the ground for maximum traction and reducing the recoil effect caused by the spring pressure pushing back after being compressed. To use, turn the adjuster clockwise to slow down the rebound or turn counter-clockwise to speed up the rebound.
Low-Speed Compression: Allows fine-tuning of the damping resistance when the shock is being compressed slowly. This adjustment controls weight transfers such as upon acceleration and braking, front-end pushing when cornering, riding over bumps at moderate speed, undulations and elevation changes in the road. To use, turn the red knob clockwise to increase damping resistance, therefore making the suspension stiffer or turn counter-clockwise to reduce damping resistance, therefore making the suspension softer.


Fitment: Can-Am Ryker Rally 2019+
Position: Front
Product: Stage 4
Body: 36mm, ALUMINUM
Adjustments: PRE, REB, LSC
Part Number: 70045
Sold As: PAIR
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