ELKA Suspension STAGE 1 FRONT & REAR Shocks KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 750i 2005-2018

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The ELKA Stage 1 ATV FRONT & REAR shocks for the KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 650i / 750i, 2005-2018 feature the same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our higher-end models. While they are not optimized for competitive use, they can greatly improve your ATV's performance and handling. You get the same performance and benefits of our racing shocks, only with less adjustability. For recreational riders on a more modest budget, the Stage 1 ATV shocks greatly enhances the overall handling and performance of your KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 650i / 750i, 2005-2018. These value-packed, easy-to-use shock absorbers are some of the best replacement shocks you can buy for your KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 650i / 750i, 2005-2018. They will provide maximum comfort and performance in a carefree package. They might not have all the adjustments of higher-end shock absorbers, but they are perfectly suited to your personal needs, so you spend less time tuning and more time having fun riding!

Provides improved comfort and control
Good performance improvement over stock suspension
Simple to use, install it and forget it
Ultra-lightweight design, all components are optimized for weight savings
Reduced body roll and increased stability
Increased protection against bottoming-out
Maximum traction in any riding conditions
Plush and progressive action for increased driver comfort and less fatigue
Consistent damping and predictable handling
Smoother weight transfer upon acceleration and braking
Gives a second life to used vehicles and adds value to any new one. Hard-anodized aluminium components
Fully rebuildable and serviceable
Rider-specific spring setup optimized for customer's intended use

ELKA Shocks custom built for your KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 650i / 750i, 2005-2018:
Custom setup includes: Make/Model/Year, Rider/Passenger Weight, Type of Riding (Recreational Trails/Comfort, Sport/Performance, Racing/High-Performance, Work/Hunting/Heavy Loads or XC Racing), A-Arms/Swingarm Setup and Tires. Basically each ELKA Shock is individually designed for your exact application, build time is just 15 days. Once we receive your order we will contact you to gather all required information for the Setup!

If you require faster shipment, have any kind of questions, or wish to inquire about other international shipping options, please contact us!
Threaded Spring Preload:
Lets the rider fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front and rear wheels while setting up the ride height (ground or chassis clearance) and to lower or raise the vehicle to adapt to various situations or to suit your ()personal preference. Turn the preload adjustment ring clockwise (from top of the shock) to increase preload and raise the vehicle or turn counter-clockwise to reduce preload and lower the vehicle.

36mm inside diameter hard anodized aluminum body with integrated PTFE coating mated to low-friction internal components
Sturdy 16mm induction hardened shafts
Multi-seal, low-friction seal head design that prevents debris and water infiltration, therefore extending the shock life in harsh conditions
Proprietary oil blend with ultra-low friction light viscosity grade which is ultra-resistant to high operating temperatures
High-pressure nitrogen valve core design rated at over 800 psi to prevent nitrogen leaks from peak pressure generated upon major hits.

Fitment: KAWASAKI BRUTE FORCE 650i / 750i, 2005-2018
Position: FRONT & REAR
Product: STAGE 1
Body: 36mm, ALUMINUM
Configuration: NON-RESERVOIR
Adjustments: PRE
Part Number: 10871
Sold As: KIT
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