Mount Kits

Dirt Bike Mount Kits

Parts of the Dirt Bike

Dirt bike racing is a precision sport. The rider’s position on the bike is critical for control. If the rider is too far forward or backward, his or her balance will be off and disaster can result. Fortunately, there are parts on the bike that are adjustable to allow the rider to assume the perfect position. The bike’s seat can be adjusted up or down; changing to a different seat can also help. This allows the rider to sit comfortably with his or her spine in alignment with the bike. The rider’s legs can comfortably sit on the rests and work efficiently without feeling cramped. The handlebars are another story.

Why Handlebars Need Mounts

Handlebars that are too narrow force the rider to feel restricted and limit steering ability. Handlebars that are too wide force the rider to hunch over and steering is difficult to impossible. Using a mount kit, a rider can use the handlebar that suits his or her reach, allows for maximum handling of the bike and helps maintain proper balance. For example, a universal bar mount could add ¾” to the rise of the bike’s handlebars and accept 1 1/8” handlebars. Mounts may seem like small objects, but they can make the difference between winning and losing a race. Check out our stock of mount kits at Racing Powersports.
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