Boost Controllers

Boost Controllers

Why Does My Car Need a Boost Controller?

A boost controller is a device found in supercharged or turbocharged engine systems that effects air pressure as it is being delivered to the system's wastegate valve, which then diverts exhaust away from the turbine wheel. This controls the intake manifold's boost levels, allowing the system to more efficiently drive air into the combustion chamber as it increases the engine's power. The boost controller limits the vehicle's boost and maintains an optimal level of power for the engine. A boost controller is a necessary feature of any turbocharged vehicle. Failing to have one installed can have disastrous consequences. If there is nothing to control the boost, then the system's turbo would continue to increase in power as air pressure continued to rise. Once the pressure reaches a certain level there is the possibility of the engine system occurring expensive damages or even suffering an explosion, which could result in injuries to the operator of the vehicle or any bystanders.

Advantages of Having a Boost Controller

There are multiple advantages to having a boost controller installed in a vehicle's engine system. Energy that is being transferred to the wheels of a supercharged or turbocharged vehicle is steadily increased when the system's exhaust gas is driven through the turbine. The boost controller allows the vehicle to maintain the desired boost levels by allowing the wastegate actuator to receive a limited and controlled amount of air pressure. In addition, the engine system experiences a lower boost threshold as well as a reduction in turbocharger lag. Most importantly, having a boost controller installed will increase safety and decrease any risk of explosion. Check out our selection of boost controllers to maximize your racing experience today!
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