Can-Am Ryker 600 900 Rally PowerKit 2 Two Brothers Exhaust + KN Air Filter + NGK

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Part Number
005-5170409-S1 + CM-9910 + CR8EIX
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K&N's high-flow air filters are available as a replacement for your stock Can-Am Ryker 600 / 900 / Rally motorcycle air filter element. They are custom engineered to fit your specific application and are designed to provide low restriction and increased performance, while providing excellent engine protection for your motorcycle.

Filter Features:
Designed to provide increased horsepower and torque
Pleated media provides a large filtration area offering long service intervals
Multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media offers excellent filtration
Application specific base seal and sealing bead
Made in the USA for over 40 years
Washable & reusable, pre-oiled and ready to ride!
Million-Mile Limited Warranty

The Two Brothers Racing Slip on Exhaust for the Can-Am Ryker was developed to surpass what is offered on the market today. Engineered to compliment the quality and performance of Can-Am's products, this handcrafted system delivers unparalleled sound and performance for the ultimate race experience! It eliminates the factory catalytic converter for added HP and extra weight reduction.

Exhaust Features:
17 lbs of weight loss
Durable Stainless Steel Construction
Tunable for sound
Teflon Coated Magnesium End-Cap
Stamped Spring-Fit Inlet
Aluminum CNC Machined outlet
Rubber-Lined Styled Mount
Spiral-Wound Perforated Core
Unparalleled Sound

NOTE: For closed course competition only.

NGK IX Iridium Series plugs were designed specifically for the performance enthusiast.

Plug Features:
Fine Wire center electrode ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark
Iridium alloy has an extremely high melting point, perfect for today's high-tech, high performance engines
Trivalent metal plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
Corrugated ribs prevent Flashover
Pure alumina silicate ceramic Insulator, provides superior strength and better heat transfer
Copper Core aids in heat removal
Triple seals prevent leakage

Fits: Can-Am Ryker 600 / 900 / Rally
Air Filter Shape: Panel
Filter Material: Cotton Gauze
Washable: Yes
Height: 1.5 in (38 mm)
Outside Length: 7.125 in (181 mm)
Outside Width: 4.938 in (125 mm)
Filter Warranty: 1,000,000 Miles/10 Year
Product Style: Panel Air Filter
Weight: 0.8 lb (0.3 kg)
Filter Re-Oiling Amount: 0.6 oz (18 ml)

Plug Specifications
Thread Size: 10mm Thread Pitch: 1.0mm
Seat Type: Gasket
Resistor Value: 5K Ohm
Reach: 19mm (3/4")
Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm)
Terminal Type: Threaded Stud
Overall Height: ISO
Gap: .031" (0.8mm)

Center Electrode
Material: Iridium
Type: Fine Wire
Size: 0.6mm
Projection: Non-Projected

Ground Electrode Material: Nickel
Type: Standard
Shape: Taper Cut
Warranty: 1 Year
Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 7.2-10.8 lb. ft. Aluminum: 7.2-8.7 lb. ft. Heat Range: 8
Longevity: 50k Miles
Resistor: Yes

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