If you are a XP/ XP4 Turbo owner and you like to push the limits of your machine you are familiar with the belt and clutching performance issues that exist with stock clutch systems.  When rock crawling at slow speeds you could experience belt slippage and hitting it hard in the dunes or desert you could burn through multiple belts because of breakage.

Building off their success with the 1000 XP, Sparks Racing spent over a year developing the Revolution Clutch Kit, a solution to these belt and clutching performance issues.  The underlying problem was the composition and length of the OEM and stock belt. The Sparks Racing Performance Drive Belt used in the Revolution Clutch Kit makes unnecessary belt temperatures and slipping a thing of the past.  Increased life and durability of the Performance Drive Belt relieves the stress of outdriving the belt and reduces the number you will have to replace.

After designing a higher performance drive belt, Sparks Racing was able to create a kit which opens up clutch performance and tuning options not attainable with stock components. The Revolution Clutch Kit includes not only the Spark Racing Performance Drive Belt but also; a primary spring, secondary clutch post, helix, spring and spring base. All the components necessary to get the most out of your XP Turbo. With the Sparks Revolution Clutch Kit you’re able to retain the OEM clutch, allowing you to keep the cost down and making it easier to find replacement parts much easier instead of converting to aftermarket clutches.

The Revolution Clutch Kit will completely transform your Polaris 2016+ XP/ XP4 Turbo performance, tunability, clutching system and driving experience; all at a reasonable cost.